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1/3” High Sensitivity, USB2.0, HD, Water resistant 
1/4” Miniature, Square type
1/3.2” High Sensitivity, Miniature D/N
   On sale in Sep. 2017    
1/3.2" Ultra-compact, High Sensitivity, D/N  
1/3" Compact, High sensitivity, USB2.0, HD
   WAT-910HX MBD
1/3" Ultra-compact, Super High Sensitivity
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   2017.01.18    End of Life Notification
   2016.06.10    Successful deployment of DIWATA-1, being equipped with the cameras jointly developed by Watec,
 the first microsatellite developed by Republic of the Philippines.
   2015.12.25    For WAT-01U2 users
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   2017.09.22    Watec will attend to Security China 2017
   2017.09.08    Start selling the WAT-660E
   2017.08.25    WAT-03U2D (High Sensitivity, USB2.0, HD, Water resistant camera) *on sale in Sep. 2017
       WAT-660E (Miniature, Square type, monochrome camera) *on sale in Sep. 2017
   2017.04.27    Start selling the WAT-1200CS
   2017.03.13    Thank you for visiting us at the Security Show 2017
   2017.03.07    WAT-1200CS (High Sensitivity, Miniature D/N camera) *on sale in Apr. 2017
   2017.02.15    Start handling the HD-SDI converter VPC-SH2STD.
   2017.01.01    New Year's greetings
       Watec will attend to Security Show 2017
   2016.10.31    Thank you for visiting us at the Security China 2016
   2016.10.03    Watec will attend to 2016 Security China
   2016.09.30    Thank you for visiting us at the Security Essen 2016
   2016.09.21    Start selling the WAT-1100MBD
   2016.08.29    Watec will attend to Security Essen 2016
       2016 Watec Product Catalog (PDF) renewed
       WAT-1100MBD (Ultra-compact, Super High Sensitivity color board camera) *on sale in Sep. 2016
       Start selling the WAT-30HD, WAT-02U2D, WAT-2200D, WAT-240E/FS 
       CH-01 and CH-02 (Camera housings for WAT-910HX MBD & WAT-1100MBD) added to Accessories *on sale in Nov. 2016
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